With the many different engagement ring settings to choose from, it can be helpful to narrow down your options when making this very special and exciting decision. Most ring settings can be categorised into four styles: solitaire, halo, multi-stone, and diamond shoulder set. In this post we delve a little into each of these styles, and hopefully help you to move toward a favourite.


A solitaire diamond ring features a single diamond, of any cut, on a plain metal band. The effortless beauty and unmatched simplicity contributes to the solitaire setting remaining consistently popular, particularly for engagement rings.


Halo engagement rings typically feature a large diamond solitaire, encircled by many smaller stones. They are perfect for those who adore elegant sparkle, as well as plenty of shimmer and shine. 


A trilogy ring consists of three stones of either the same cut, or a combination of different shaped stones. It is a truly meaningful ring, symbolising a couple’s past, present and future.

Shoulder Set

A shoulder-set ring typically features a solitaire central diamond and an accenting shoulder of diamonds on either side of the band. This elegant and glamorous design is perfect for someone looking for a timeless look.